Half Wild – Sally Green

Half Wild (The Half Bad Trilogy #2) – Sally Green


I wanted so badly to love this book as much as I did the first, but I didn’t. There was only one problem for me in this book, Annalise. She is just awful. Her character is empty, and she made me want to throw the book against the wall. I don’t like throwing books, books are not meant to be thrown. It has been a long time since I have wanted to throw one. Mostly this book was about saving her, but I think this story could have been so brilliant if we hadn’t been focused on her.

However, I am totally 110% invested in Gabriel. He is just so wonderful, and by far my favorite character. He just makes me happy.

“I can’t walk ten paces away from you without it hurting me. I treasure every second with you. Every second, More than you know.”

*Gush* Okay, but really, I just fall in love with Gabriel a thousand times over this whole book. The relationship between Gabriel and Nathan is what keeps me going through the whole book. Just their friendship makes me want to read the book, I can’t remember the last time I wanted two characters to be together so badly.

“As for me I’ll always love you. Even when I’m buried deep in one of those.” He nods to the grave. “I’ll still love you. Forever.”

This book could have gone a million ways, had Green left out the horrible Annalise. We focused 80% on saving the idiot girl and 20% on what the story was actually based on, the White and Black witches. Flip that around and make this story about the Black’s and the White’s, about helping Black Witches be recognized as equals. Lets focus on keeping them alive, rallying them together again the White Witch Counsel, building the rebel alliance. That would have made this novel an easy five stars. There are many shining moments where you think Green is going to forget about Annalise and focus on witches but then we go back to me wanting to throw the book.

Nathan and Gabriel however are characters with depth and emotion. I connected with both of them, I root for them the whole time. The ending of this book was wonderful, I’d say the last one hundred pages or more are what gave me hope again,  Green just reels you right back in with a fast paced, twist filled story. And for that, and Gabriel, I love her and this book dearly.

I do recommend this series for everyone, it is truly a page turner. (Even if all you wanna do is see if Annalise dies on the next page.)


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